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The Exxceed Audio Server is the second building block in a new generation of audio components. Analogue and digital. Technology, sound and design at the highest level. Now and in the future.

This audio server is the congenial digital player for the new Exxceed audio components. Making the world of music accessible to you in the form of digital data is his profession. With this server you can manage your digital music collection, rip (save) your audio CDs on externally pluggable hard drives, find the right covers and information about your treasures on the Internet, you have access to the Tidal music portal, listen to Internet radio and see what you hear on a large TFT display. The Exxceed Audio Server works with one of the most advanced operating systems so that the choice of source and music title does not stand in the way of the anticipation of the music experience: Roon - a music playback program for music lovers with the highest demands on ease of use.

Thanks to the effortless operation via a tablet computer, you can concentrate entirely on the essentials - the music. So that this can be played back in the highest possible quality, the Exxceed Audio Server not only has a digital output, but also state-of-the-art digital-to-analog converters. The analog signal is provided at high-quality symmetrical and asymmetrical outputs for connecting power amplifiers.

The Exxceed Audio Server is presented in a timelessly elegant housing made of solid aluminum and steel with no visible screws. The housing architecture with your choice of surfaces - anodised, lacquered, Nextel-coated or chrome-plated - not only allows adaptation to the individual ambience, but also protects the sensitive audio signals from harmful effects of microphonics with technical features such as the sandwich construction of the housing cover and the Trigon vibration absorber feet.

The clarity of the design and the ease of use combine aesthetic standards and trouble-free suitability for everyday use. The value of the external appearance is a reflection of the technical know-how and its implementation on the inside. The construction of the Exxceed Audio Server combines transparency and complexity and, of course, musical properties at an outstanding level.

Exxceed - exceeds your expectations.


transmission range          20Hz - 20kHz (+ - 1dB)

distortion factor               <0.02%

crosstalk attenuation     < – 80dB ( 1kHz )

signal-to-noise ratio        < -100dBA

exits      Analog Stereo - 1x RCA, 1x XLR balanced

Digital – 2x USB-2 (can be activated via software)

output impedance           10 ohms

maximum output voltage             1.5Vrms

Accessories (optional)    IR remote control: Director

Weight 9kg

Dimensions        440 x 110 x 330 mm (WxHxD)

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