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Phono amplifier for MM and MC systems with integrated battery power supply and external (charging) power pack. With the ADVANCE, pure battery power excludes any mains influences on the sensitive phono signals and enables natural music reproduction freed from uncontrolled technical additions.

- Enjoy the sonic progress.

Switching and display of all operating states on the front, as well as software-controlled charge control and monitoring of the long-life lead-acid batteries ensure the simplest operation and maximum operational reliability. Externally accessible switches enable optimal adjustment of amplification, resistance and capacity to a wide variety of pickup systems. The slim design enables short signal paths to be maintained by placing it in the immediate vicinity of the turntable.


reinforcement  36 - 60 dB adjustable in 16 steps

additional reinforcement             +12dB (results in 72dB maximum gain)

input resistance from 25 ohms to 1800 ohms in 31 steps; 47KOhm

capacity                Basic capacitance = 60 – 100pF

switchable capacity = 47pF, 100pF, 147pF

Entry     1x RCA

Exit         1x RCA

signal-to-noise ratio        -72dB at 60dB gain and

-94dB at 36dB gain

frequency response        +- 0.2 dB RIAA equalized

Distortion THD + N           0.06%

crosstalk attenuation     -96.2dBA at 10KHz

power consumption       7 - 10VA depending on the charge level of the battery

warranty service               3 years (except for rechargeable batteries = ½ year)

Dimensions H x W x D     58.5mm x 200mm x 320mm

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