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High-end made in Germany not only as an all too often unaffordable luxury, but also as an achievable possibility of authentic music reproduction and a fascinating musician's life - Trigon has set a clear exclamation mark behind this goal with the new EXXACT line for the XX year company anniversary.

Not "cost no object" but "value for money" was the guideline for the development of the Exxact Integrated. Through intelligent reduction to the essentials and sound-decisive as well as the best possible realization even with a defined budget, an integrated amplifier has been created that sets standards in its league. Its sonic sovereignty and high power reserves for all musical cases enable an advanced digital amplification design. Analog sources can be connected as well as digital ones, loudspeakers as well as headphones. In addition to the connection of external phono preamplifiers, a high-quality built-in solution (phono board) is optionally available for record fans.

The timelessly elegant, clear design in six-millimetre-thick aluminum and textured or Nextel-coated steel forms the external correspondence to the quality of the interior. Optimized for resonance, it protects the sensitive audio electronics from electromechanical influences that are harmful to the sound in conjunction with the vibration-absorbing Trigon device feet of the second generation. LEDs on the front provide information about all operating statuses and functions, which can also be effortlessly controlled using the all-aluminum system remote control Director.

Exxact Integrated is musically precise and gives you an authentic musical experience.


inputs   5x analogue, 4x digital SPDIF 192kHz 24bit

input resistance analogue 47 KOhm

input sensitivity 0.5V

output power    2x 95 / 130 W at 8/4 ohms

damping factor >100 (referred to 8 ohms 1KHz)

Distortion ( THD + N)      <0.02%

exits      1x speaker, 1x headphone,

1x unbalanced line out

frequency response        typically 20Hz – 22kHz (-3dB)

signal-to-noise ratio        -86 dB referred to 1 watt at 4 ohms

signal-to-noise ratio        -94 dB related to 1 watt into 4 ohms

Weight 11.3 kg

Dimensions        440 x 110 x 380 mm (WxHxD)

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