AURIS II “Reference”

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For over 4 decades, Ayon Audio has been handcrafting world class vacuum tubes and vacuum tube audio equipment, setting the benchmark and new standards for high end audio performance. Altruistic reliability, product durability, Ayon Iconic design and superb resale value.

Since its market launch in 2014, astonishing consumers and professionals with a new benchmark of sonic precision and performance reliability, the Auris is hailed as a legend in its own time. The Ayon Audio Auris inspires the admiration and loyalty of Audiophiles worldwide. Styled to fit a new, modern design with unsurpassed audio quality. It is one of the rare tube preamps capable of offering the finest in recorded music with real/live tonal characteristics. Voiced to perfection, the Auris preamplifier is exceptional and spectacular in every detail. We have re-designed the output stage, power supply, phonostage (new phono re-design) and the quality of the components have been dialed-in to purity in key areas.

The low Output Impedance, purist parallel Single Ended 6H30 circuit topology, using zero dB negative feedback is an exclusive Ayon design. The Line Gain is user Switchable, 0dB or +6dB, therefore the Auris II preamplifier offers a very versatile coupling with any type of amplifier. Completely modular and upgradable for future enhancements. Options are: unbalanced or fully balanced/unbalanced, Signature version and Phono MM/MC-H, MC option for all your wants and needs. All existing Auris I version preamps can be retrofitted to the newest version II.

The Ayon Auris “Reference” preamp represents the industry benchmark in preamplifier design, based on 6H30 vacuum tube. Excellence in engineering, a special vacuum tube rectified power supply and superior premium components provide a special magic to the reproduction of music. The performance of the new Auris II is outstanding, very musical and neutral, transparent and vivid in its presentation. Music is reproduced with uncanny realism, with a holographic soundstage setting a new standard, previously unavailable at this price point.


Tube Preamplifier            Ayon Auris II

Class of Operation           Pure Class A, Triode

Tube Complement: Line 6H30

Maximum Output (at 1 kHz )       ~ 20V rms

S/N ratio              > 98 dB

Input Impedance             100 KOhm

Output Impedance          ~ 300 Ohm

Frequency Response / Line          5Hz – 125kHz / -3dB 

Harmonic Distortion (at 1V ) Line               < 0.01%

Input     4 x Line-RCA, 1 x Phono MM or MC-H, MC, (1 x HT-RCA), 2 x Line-XLR

Output 2x RCA, 1x Balanced XLR , 1x Tape out

Line Output Gain              Switchable 0dB or +6dB

Max. Phono Gain MM/MC-H / Line Output           45dB or 51dB

Max. Gain Phono MC / Line Output          65dB or 71dB

Input Impedance Phono MM/MC-H         47 KOhm

Input Impedance Phono MC        100 Ohm, 470 Ohm, 1 KOhm

Input Capacitance            100pF

RIAA Frequency Response           <0.2dB / 25Hz-20 kHz

Rumble Filter     10 Hz / -6dB

Dimensions (WxDxH) cm               50x43x11 cm

Weight: 19kg

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