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PremiumLine - defines the place in the first row of authentic music reproduction, epilogue the musical conclusion.

This audio component positions Trigon in the premium segment of high fidelity, in appearance and performance. Timelessly elegant design in aluminum and chrome, innovative conception and technology, components of the highest quality and perfect craftsmanship form the synthesis of the PremiumLine.

The Epilog is a balanced integrated amplifier in dual mono design. Each of the two mono power amplifiers is powered by a powerful 450 VA transformer. The input section of the Epilog is modular and can be equipped with up to six different modules (currently: line symmetrical, line asymmetrical, phono, DAC) in any combination on the back. It can therefore be configured flexibly, versatilely and future-proof according to individual customer requirements. A graphic display that can be dimmed and switched off guides you through the menu of largely self-explanatory operation in plain text. The diverse connection, setting and control options are not only available via the system remote control Trigon Director (full aluminum silver),

A housing architecture made of solid aluminium, a sandwich construction of the housing cover and Trigon vibration absorber feet protects the highly amplified audio signals from harmful effects of microphonics.

This integrated amplifier masters every musical requirement. Due to its high power bandwidth, it can follow the speed and dynamics of music signals unhindered. The enormous circuitry effort has a musical aftermath: sovereign reproduction of large sound bodies, nuanced reproduction of the finest details, plastic depiction of musical events, homogeneous or dissonant, loud or quiet, intense or relaxed - the completely authentic musical experience.


inputs   depending on the modules used

input resistance usually 47 KOhm

input sensitivity depending on the modules used

output power    2x 200 / 330 W at 8/4 ohms

damping factor >100 (referred to 8 ohms 1KHz)

Distortion ( THD + N)      <0.02%

exits      1x speaker, 1x headphone,

balanced and unbalanced line

Out depending on the module configuration,

1x records

frequency response        typically 2Hz – 200kHz (-3dB)

signal-to-noise ratio        -86 dB referred to 1 watt at 4 ohms

signal-to-noise ratio        -94 dB related to 1 watt into 4 ohms

Weight approx. 25 kg

Dimensions        440 x 180 x 405 mm (WxHxD)

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