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No type of integrated circuit is used in the Spettro. Everything has been designed for the state of the art. Spettro has a pair of parallel preamplifiers per channel (Dual Drive System), with the main intention of halving the output impedance. In fact Spettro has four preamplifiers inside, this allows to have more signal control. It is capable of emitting an audio signal of truly amazing speed and dynamics. Power amplifiers driven by this preamplifier can really express all their possibilities. Between the phono and the line stage there are 7 double triodes and all the components are highly selected and custom made. Furthermore, the power transformer is designed and manufactured in our company. The Spettro, of course, can be combined with any type of power amps and thanks to its main characteristics and the low output impedance it facilitates the various possible combinations, but with our mono amplifiers or with one of our integrated ones using the "Direct" input certainly expresses its potential to the maximum. A new concept in preamp technology that revolutionizes what has been done so far.


Tube preamplifier in Class "A"

RIAA curve +/- 0.5 dB
Input impedance: 47 K ohms
Output impedance: 450 ohms
Bandwidht: 1 Hz / 100 kHz – 0dB
Tubes: 3 x ECC82 - 2 x ECC83
Inputs: 3 line RCA - 1 line XLR - 1 Phono MM RCA
Outputs: 1 RCA - 1 XLR - 1 rec RCA
Supplied with remote control
Dimensions: 42 x 39 x 12 cm
Weight: 9 Kg.

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