Tube DAC II – MK2

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The ACCUSTIC ARTS® TUBE-DAC II is an outstanding, highly precise digital to analog converter layouted in a so called “tube-hybrid” concept.
This concept combines the advantages of the solid state technology with the advantages of the tube principle, however without the specific disadvantages of tubes.
To use the advantages of this concept to full capacity, a very elaborate, digital signal processing was integrated, which only enables the extraordinary precision and musicality of this Tube-Hybrid concept.
The TUBE-DAC II is the ACCUSTIC ARTS® reference in the high end D/A converter segment and intended for the music lover who appreciates the precision of digital sources, yet doesn’t want to abandon the outstanding sound of top analog units. The TUBE-DAC II is therefore the perfect solution for “audiophile gourmets”, who do not so much care about superficial grandstanding but are looking for a maximum of precision, authenticity and musicality.
Preferably the TUBE-DAC II should be operated with a high quality CD transport, for example the ACCUSTIC ARTS® DRIVE I – MK2.


Audiophile reference D/A-converter with a so called "tube hybrid" concept
Special and unique 2 x 32 Bit technology with simultaneous digital signal processing, separately for left and right channel
Extremely elaborate digital signal processing supported by an unique 32 bit Microcomputer

The 32 bit Microcomputer contains e.g.:
- High precision crystal oscillator
- 32 bit digital filter (including "de-emphasis" technology)
- 26 parallel working multiplier processors

Advantages of this "tube hybrid" technology:
- very high impedance
- very high bandwidth
- very low distortion factors and a "good-natured" distortion spectrum
- "analog" and very precise sound performance

Easy exchange of tubes without any adjustments ("plug and play")
Professional Class A output stage using technology derived from studio engineering
All used components are of outstanding quality (e.g. 10 pcs Burr Brown® OPA 627) and additionally selected
2 premium quality rotary switches with gold-plated contacts
2 magnetically shielded, encapsulated toroidal core transformers ("Made in Germany") of premium quality for high output reserves
Very high power supply capacity (approx. 84,000 µF totally)
Extremely stable and resonance optimized housing, primarily made of massive aluminium plates; turning knobs made of massive and chromed brass
ACCUSTIC ARTS® TUBE-DAC II is "Handmade in Germany"

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