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Power I Mk4

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The ACCUSTIC ARTS® POWER I – MK 4 was presented in 2015 and it's the 4th generation of this brilliant integrated power amplifier, our long-term audiophile "hit", manufactured since 2002. The current MK 4 version once again exploits a tried and tested circuitry technology and includes a number of improvements.

The POWER I – MK 4 is an audiophile integrated amplifier with 4 powerful, selected MOSFET transistors respectively per channel. The driver stage works according to the principle of the current mirror. This circuit principle enables power to be drawn from an existing current.


Rated power output: 2 x 200 watts on 4 Ω (at THD+N = 0.1 %), 2 x 135 watts on 8 Ω , Audiophile integrated stereo power amplifier with high output performance 8 selected MOS-FET output transistors of highest quality , Shielded and encapsulated 600 VA toroidal core transformer of premium quality for high output reserves; separate windings for preamp section, for power amp section and for right and left channel, Integrated, switchable headphones amplifier of premium quality, Very good smoothing thanks to more than 80.000 µF power supply capacity High damping factor for high output reserves.

Broj kanala


Snaga 8/4/2 Ω (W)


Impendancija ulazna



168x450x550 mm

Težina uređaja

31 Kg

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