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Cd Player II

Cijena na upit

The PLAYER II is an absolutely top-class CD player and D/A converter. The basis for this exceptional product is the known reference drive ACCUSTIC ARTS® DRIVE II. For the CD module, the legendary Philips CDPro2 finds application again. For further details and information regarding our drive technology please navigate to the "DRIVE II" menu.

The important features of the PLAYER II include 4 digital inputs (XLR, coaxial, optical and USB) and the USB input works according to the latest asynchronous 24/192 technology. In the playback of different music formats customers can choose between native signal processing or upsampling to 192 kHz. An integrated preamplifier section with volume control enables direct connection of the PLAYER II to a power amplifier. The PLAYER II – A real all-rounder!


Audiophiler Top-Loader CD-Player und hochpräziser D/A-Wandler in einem Gerät Ultrapräzise 24 Bit / 192 kHz Upsampling-Technologie Analoge Sektion in ACCUSTIC ARTS® „Röhren-Hybrid“-Technologie CD-Player Sektion mit folgenden Vorteilen: - legendäres und bewährtes CD-Pro2LF Präzisionslaufwerk mit überragenden Klangeigenschaften - massives Metall-Guss-Chassis mit aufwändiger mech. Entkoppelung - Lagerung des Laufwerks in massivem Aluminiumgehäuse (sog. Sub­chassis-Konstruktionsprinzip) - Fixierung der CD im Laufwerk mittels präzisem Puck mit integriertem Magneten, hergestellt aus verchromtem Messing

Broj kanala


Snaga 8/4/2 Ω (W)


Impendancija ulazna



168x450x550 mm

Težina uređaja

31 Kg

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