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CD Player I

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The new star of the ACCUSTIC ARTS® top series is beyond doubt the PLAYER I. As well as being an excellent CD player, at the same time the PLAYER I can also be used as an external DA converter equipped with a coaxial and asynchronous USB input for HD audio and DSD. These inputs allow the connection, for example, of a laptop, MAC or computer, or any other digital source device.

The heart of the PLAYER I is a high-end traction-feed drive which is exclusively designed for audio applications. The drive has a high quality and resonance-optimized CD tray in aluminium and is guided by two metal bars. The excellent sounding DA converter used in the PLAYER I works according to the well-established 24/192 upsampling principle.


Premium CD player and high quality D/A converter in one unit High precision 24 bit/192 kHz upsampling technology, High end tray loading CD drive mechanism (vibration de-coupled), which has exclusively been designed for audio applications, Damped, high quality drawer made of aluminium-ABS-compound guided with two metal bearings , Separate D/A conversion function with 2 digital inputs: 1 x coaxial (RCA) and 1 x USB 2.0 (24/192 asynchronous) , Playback of different hi-res audio formats (WAV, FLAC, ALAC etc.) up to 24/192 from PC or laptop via USB interface; USB drivers for Windows® and Mac OS X® are included Playback of hi-res DSD audio files

Broj kanala


Snaga 8/4/2 Ω (W)


Impendancija ulazna



168x450x550 mm

Težina uređaja

31 Kg

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