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Perfect CD transport The DRIVE II is a CD transport of the absolute reference class and works according to the top-loader principle. The unit is designed exclusively to play CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs in uncompromising quality. The core of the DRIVE II is the internationally renowned high-end CD module CD-Pro2LF. Contrary to most other conventional designs, this module is equipped with a very solid diecast chassis in metal. The diecast chassis has excellent damping characteristics and simultaneously offers high stability and rigidity.

The important features of the PLAYER II include 4 digital inputs (XLR, coaxial, optical and USB) and the USB input works according to the latest asynchronous 24/192 technology.

In the playback of different music formats customers can choose between native signal processing or upsampling to 192 kHz. An integrated preamplifier section with volume control enables direct connection of the PLAYER II to a power amplifier. The PLAYER II – A real all-rounder! The CD module with its 3-beam laser is fitted in the DRIVE II using an elaborate construction with mechanical decoupling (subchassis design principle) and is integrated in its own solid aluminium housing.


Audiophile top loader CD player and high-precision D/A converter in one device Ultra-precise 24 bit / 192 kHz upsampling technology ACCUSTIC ARTS® “tube hybrid” technology CD player section with the following advantages: - legendary and proven CD Pro2LF precision drive with excellent sound quality - solid die-cast metal chassis with elaborate mechanical decoupling - drive mounted in housing made from solid aluminium (so-called sub‑chassis design principle) - CD fixed in drive using precise puck with integrated magnet and manufactured in chrome-plated brass

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Snaga 8/4/2 Ω (W)


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168x450x550 mm

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31 Kg

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